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How to pump up muscles at home?

How to pump up muscles at home?

Me regularly in the letters ask the question: "how to get muscles at home?". By this I promised to write a post on this topic. I will write about case when absolutely not available sports equipment.

how to get muscles at home?

Usually on this issue think beginners. Pitching, which have reached good results at home they realize that they must go further and move into a suitable gym, as the load at home is not enough.

how to get muscles at home? "I'll tell you how I did it.

Pushups on the floor. Make them with the placement of hands by 30 cm wider than the shoulders. If you reach 15 repetitions in the approach, then you should increase the load. To do this, ask father or brother, so they press you to the floor hands in the back, the load should be established such that it was possible to do the 6 to 12 repetitions.

Pushups on the floor can do both with an emphasis socks on the floor and feet, with an emphasis on the dais, for example bed. So you can work on different parts of the pectoral muscles.

And of course bars! In almost every yard has bars and horizontal bar. The load is adjusted so as to push off the floor. Dips as well load the triceps.

With back harder here need crossbar. I once built a bar at home, caught a cabinet near the ceiling. Perform pull-ups wide grip to the chest and a reverse grip. Pull-ups as well load the biceps and the rear of the delta.

To train the shoulders, I used 20-liter bottles in which water is sold in supermarkets. They have to handle. With them, I acted to raise the front or the breeding side. How to perform, see the exercise. Load to regulate the amount of water in cans.

Biceps can be trained by the same canister of water. Perform curls while standing or sitting, to issue curls with dumbbells. How to perform, see the exercise.

For training triceps great exercise - push-ups from the floor by a narrow grip, is the width of the shoulders. When you reach 15 repetitions in the approach, asking someone to put pressure on the back.

With training legs at home quite tight. You can do this exercise squats on one leg, holding onto a wall or other support. The only nuance - not squat very low to avoid overloading the joints.

Follow the twisting or lifting the legs while lying prone. Do the exercises until the burning sensation in the press, and then stop the exercise.

Basic Principles.

Important thing to remember! The range of repetitions in an exercise from 6 to 12 reps to failure! Ie on the last repetition should occur a failure.
Hard training to carry out every two weeks for each muscle group! In between heavy workouts to make easy (50% of maximum load).
Breaks between sets to make at least five minutes to avoid the strong acidification of muscles and their excessive destruction!

Remember the cardinal rule - the load should increase with each heavy workout (add water to the banks, more pressed to the floor in push-ups, etc.)! From this it follows that soon, when the power is grow up, will look for a suitable gym.

Example training program at home.

The first week Mon, Fri - hard training
second week Mon, Fri - Light workout

1. Wide grip pull-ups 2x6-12
2. Reverse grip pull-ups 2x6-12
3. push-ups from the floor classic 2x6-12
4. Pushups on the floor (legs on the couch) 2x6-12
5. Lifts hands in front of 2x6-12
6. Breeding hands on the sides of 2x6-12

1. Curls with cans of 2x6-12
2. Pushups narrow formulation of the hands of 2x6-12
3. Squats on one leg 2x6-12
4. Twisting lay 3 - 4 approach to burning

Two months later, perform three sets already in an exercise over the next two months. Then he should make the transition - do not training at all for two weeks. Then you can resume training at the outset.

These are the techniques I used in the early bodibilder career.

So I recommend you read the section Bodybuilding nutrition.

how to get muscles at home?

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