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How to create a training program for Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding for beginners. How to create a training program for BodybuildingUsually this question is a beginner bodybuilder in this explanation are oriented towards them.

To make yourself a training program for bodybuilding, one must know at least a general idea of training and a little physiology behavior of the organism under stress and after.

This you can read in the posts "Bodybuilding workout. General concepts. "and see " Physiology. "

Was about to write a recommendation, but then I thought: for each recommendation you have any questions, I'm sure, and not one. Get a huge article on separate partitions, which until the end, few will want to read. Moreover, will have to deal with the issues already discussed on the website in other sections.

Under this offer ready-made training programs on bodybuilding for beginners and advanced bodybuilders.

Especially, I am ready to advise on training and nutrition. For questions please contact me by e-mail

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