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Tampa Pro 2010, July 16-17. Tampa Pro 2010 IFBB

Tampa Pro 2010, July 16-17. Tampa Pro 2010 IFBB
Tampa Pro 2010, July 16-17. Tampa Pro 2010 IFBB

Summer in Tampa, Florida, quiet and beautiful, but on stage the tournament was very hot. Piling category: bodybuilding male pros, bodybuilding men, 202 women bodybuilding, bikini. Most interested in is the first nomination. Contenders for the championship is not enough space and all with big ambitions - Hidetada Yamagishi, Ben White, Troy Alves, and Johnny Jackson, Russia is Oleg Emelianov.

Final report.

To this day, Ben White was best known as the second strongest world bodybuilder. But everything changed on a summer night in Florida, as Ben White was the first victory of his career in 2010, Pro Bodybuilding Weekly Championships.

Troy Alves, hoping for a second victory in his career, took second place while Jackson - who beat White in the competition's strongest bodybuilders of the world, held under last year's Olympia Weekend - took third place.

Among other important news, Hidetada Yamagishi withdrew from competition after the preliminary posturing in the morning. At this tournament, Yamagishi was considered one of the favorites.Later, he announced a hamstring injury, he got it earlier this week, that was the reason for his withdrawal. At the beginning of the season, Yamagishi said that he is trying to compete in each contest, held annually in the United States this year. He participated in the Phoenix Pro, the Arnold Classic, 2010 Europa Show of Champions, and New York Pro. But now Yamagishi will be forced to miss the 2010 IFBB Europa Battle of Champions, 23-24 July 2010, the following week in Hartford, and is now likely to be involved just one more time this year at the Olympia 2010.

In category 202, Jose Raymond managed to take first place, Steve Namath and Tricky Jackson took 2 and 3 positions, respectively, and qualified for the Olympia 2010 in the category 202.

In the women's bodybuilding, Brigita Brezovak, began his career in the professional division, successfully. Competing in her first professional competition took the gold, Tina Chandler was second, and third - Katie Lefrankos.

Nicole Nagrani, who won in the category of a bikini. Jamie Baird and Vanessa Campbell finished second and third respectively.


1. Ben White
2. Troy Alves
3. Johnnie Jackson
4. Edward Nunn
5. Michael Kefalianos
6. Brandon Curry
8. Francisco Bautista

9. Michael Liberatore
10. Darrem Charles
11. Alexandre Nataf
12. Constantinos Demetriou
13. Omar Deckard
14. Manuel Romero
15. Jo Jo Nitiforo
16. Damaso Chacon
16. Greg Ulysses

16. Heinz Senior
16. Manuel Lomeli
16. Mark Antonek
16. Oleg Emelyanov
16. Serdar Aktolga
16. Vonne Francis
Hidetada Yamagishi

Tampa Pro 2010, July 16-17. Tampa Pro 2010 IFBB

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