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Phil Heath signed with MuscleTech

Phil Heath signed with MuscleTech

03/07/2010 Phil Heath, nicknamed "The Gift" has signed a contract with MuscleTech. He is one of the best bodybuilders of our time and one of the main contenders for the throne, Mr. Olympia 2010. MuscleTech Company also has contracts with Jay Cutler, jingling Warren, Dexter Jackson - akkurat first triple Olympia 2009. It has long been rumored vneglasnoy MuscleTech agreement with the leadership of pro-division of the alignment of the first places in Olympia, which is backed by considerable financial investment. Contract with Phil Heath will add even more intrigue to the main event of the year in bodybuilding Olympia 2010. Left not much time!

Phil Heath signed with MuscleTech

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