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2010 New York Pro IFBB Results

2010 New York Pro IFBB Results

On May 8, hosted the tournament in 2010 New York Pro IFBB. The participants competed in the categories: bodybuilding male bodybuilding male 202, female bodybuilding, bikini. The most interesting of the tournament in 2010 New York Pro bodybuilding men were nominated, which competed with the best athletes of today. The winner was rookie IFBB Rollie Vinklar, represented the most dry and tough. This is his first victory at a professional tournament. The second was the best bodebilder Japan Hidetada Yamagishi, who looked heavier than ever. The third was Dennis Wolff, whose shape corresponded to a busy place. The fourth was Tony Freeman, nicknamed "X-Men. Fifth place went to Eric Fonkhauzer, receiving the 2010 IFBB New York Pro qualified for the Olympia 2010. The sixth was Eugene Mishin, who in my opinion, was to take the fifth position.
In the category of bodybuilding female winner was Katie Lefrankos. In ktegorii bodybuilding 202 men defeated Kevin Inglish. In the category of best bikini became Missy Kolze.
2010 New York Pro IFBB Results

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