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"Arnold Classic" 2010 - Final And yet, Kai Greene!

And yet, Kai Greene!
Describing his experience after the preliminary judging, I wrote that I put on Deksteru Jackson. I do not know what prompted me to do it, but now here he took his notebook with notes and looked at the balance that I jotted down immediately after the completion of an individual posing rounds of Heath, Green, Dax, Brench. Regarding the fifth place, I doubt, but the sixth I was Rokkel. So, this is the arrangement after the "predvarilovki" and was!
Kai Greene gave way to Phil Heath, however, quite a bit - 3 points. One interesting detail that I did not mention in my previous report: Kai along the comparisons as a continuously improved, compared to last almost reached the form that helped him win last year. There was no doubt that it will improve the finale even more. So it is, ultimately, it happened. As a result of his superiority over the hit was 5 points. Quite rightly - Green has once again demonstrated that his fourth place at last year's "Olympia" can be considered nonsense. This year in Las Vegas, it was he who would certainly fight for the victory.
Phil Heath just progressed by leaps and bounds. While he still is not enough width, but it's - come with time. Remember: Flex Wheeler became what we know, only 9 years after the start of performances. Heath is only 30 and he stands (yes, indeed, and "rocks" as well) nothing at all. A characteristic feature: if Phil had a very much inferior to its main rivals in the rear positions, it is now back in his sight for sore eyes: this indicator is superior and he Deksteru Jackson, strumming and Warren, and Tony Freeman, second only to the incredible back Kai Green.
Third Place strumming (remember, I predicted that he should be on the podium) - rather, a tribute to the viewing of Love (Warren met with the loudest applause), and not an indicator of the real balance of forces. Of course, the finale, he poured vodichku, which was under his skin, especially on the back, but as for me, in third place is clearly not "pulled". Strumming need more work on top if it, after all, wants to accomplish a goal - to win the "Arnold Classic" and "Olympia."
But for the current tournament Deksteru Jackson became alarming bell ... Dax 40, and this year in Columbus, he brought his usual form - no worse than what it was at last year's "Olympia", but not better. While his main rivals have made ​​significant progress and, apparently, are going to progress further. Previously Deksteru never lost in duels or full-time Kai Greene, Phil Heath or - now he lost both. It is sad to say it, but apparently, it's time this remarkable athlete to think about the end of his career ...
On the rest: Tony Freeman (5th) has confirmed his reputation, but nothing more. Alas, his fate - be the first after the best. Of course, and it's not bad, especially when you consider that fame came to Tony after the forty ... Shutting the final six Ronnie Rokkel confirmed his claim to a place among the elite. But he should seriously work on his back, unless, of course, 38 is possible. Rollie Vinklaar (7th place) hit, proving that the country of tulips can bear not only are these beautiful flowers, but also a great bodybuilders. Prior to that, from the Dutch, we know only very mediocre, though incredibly large Ed Van Amsterdam, Rollie, seems to go much further - it has all the data in order to enter the top ten "pro." Melv Anthony (9th place) once again proved that great shape in Phoenix was rather accidental. Earlier this athlete, "famous for" his inability to "fed" just for the tournament, 40 to change already too late.
The eighth was absolutely "inaudible" Hideo Yamagishi - "the pride of Japan", the tenth - Robert Potrkovich (other than at the top of the legs and mediocre overall proportions) . Tarek Elsetuhi - the eleventh, Johnny Jackson - twelfth. Locked protocol Sergei Shelestov ... But I thought: if Sergei came to the podium at last year's form? I'm not talking about the shape of the sample fall of 2005 - the time of his two fierce battles with Lesha Shabunya ... I think the place in the finals he would have been guaranteed. It is interesting that in the past year, Sergei learned about the invitation to Columbus a little more than 2 months before the start of the tournament. This year, he knew everything in advance and had the opportunity to prepare a planned way. Probably a planned Russian soul, yet fits less than spontaneity ...

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