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The new coming of Kai Green.

The new coming of Kai Green.

The new coming of Kai Green.

Hands up those who remember this bodybuilder! Not much ... It is not surprising - until now Kai Greene and memorable than if, it is only the original program pose for a couple with Rodney St. Cloud, as well as hair, in common referred to as "pineapple." The rest - blank, except as an achievement the athlete place two 14 and two "just engaged" in professional tournaments.

Is not entirely clear what prompted Kai to "take the mind", but that he demonstrated at the recent "New York Pro" impressed. And the athlete for many years buried his talent in the ground? If we assess "by eye", Greene managed to achieve gain no less than 10 kg in muscle mass, while maintaining the excellent proportions. Especially impressive are his hands - no wonder athletes received a special award in New York. About arbitrary posturing say nothing - even Vince Taylor "rest"!

Frankly speaking, in New York, Kai would get the top five (in the opinion of many observers, even in the top three) and get a ticket for "Olympia 2007". But there is still two tournaments in which the athlete will take part. Hopefully, these tournaments will judge him more favorably. Meanwhile, Greene award may be considered a contract with Muscular Development, concluded directly by the end of "New York Pro".

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