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Ironman Pro 2006 results

Ironman Pro 2006 results
In the past weekend in Pasadena (California, USA) hosted the first professional tournament of the season-2006. Can not say that the result surprised - first, as most experts predicted, has become an Australian Lee Priest. But second place went to Troy not Elwes, who was to make a Priest main competition on the podium in Pasadena, and another "baby" - Dave Henry, achieve a few months since the "Olympia 2005" simply remarkable progress.

As you must remember to take part in the tournament planning and Eugene Mishin, have long been resident in the United States. Jack went to the podium, but no special laurels earned by finishing in the end only 19 place out of 29 participants. Not impressed by its shape and Ahmad Haidar - winner of the best newspapers in the modern bodybuilding was more massive than usual, but frankly "flooded".

The top ten final protocol is as follows (in parentheses after the name of the country is the number of points):

1. Lee Priest ($ 17)
2. David Henry (U.S. 36)
3. Troy Elvis (U.S. 43)
4. Kris Dim (U.S. 55)
5. Mark Dugdale (USA, 76)
6. Mustafa Mohammad (Austria, 68)
7. Toney Freeman (USA, 72)
8. Eric Bui (U.S. 76)
9. Ahmad Haidar (Lebanon, 89)
10. Chris Cook (U.S. 103)

It only remains to add, Thu -holders of the first three places qualify for the Olympia 2006 ".

Ironman Pro 2006 results

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