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Returning to the Craig Titus and Kelly Ryan

In the case of the murder of two prominent athletes of the spouses came a lull - the court will hold a preliminary hearing until 11 January. So far, it was found that at the time of the murder victim - Melissa James - lived no longer in the house of Craig and Kelly, and the hotel, there it "identified" Titus. What was the reason for the move, it is not clear. In one version of Melissa Kelly Ryan caught stealing, on the other - have learned that Melissa was having an affair with Craig. Titus, Melissa James bought a ticket to her native Panama City (Florida) at 22.30 on December 13, but back home she did not go out ...
Matt Kline - a close friend of Titus, which in Boston and directed by Craig, said he had several telephone conversations with Titus, one of which he said: "I will not put Kelly in jail." What does this mean, we can only guess ...

Returning to the Craig Titus and Kelly Ryan

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