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Craig Titus and Kelly Ryan were arrested on suspicion of murder

The shocking news spread through the world of bodybuilding - a famous bodybuilder Craig Titus-profesional and his wife - at least, if not more, famous fitnesistka Kelly Ryan are suspected of murder. Events unfolded as follows. Dec. 14 at about 4.40 am truck drivers saw in the desert near a road leading to Las Vegas, fire. Coming closer, he discovered that the burning car. Caused by the firefighters managed to extinguish the flames, in the car trunk was found dead.
Rather quickly managed to establish that the car brand Jaguar is owned by couple Titus-Ryan, and the corpse - a female. Craig and Kelly announced on the wanted list, but they managed to escape. But the third suspect was arrested - a kind of Anthony Gross. From his testimony the police learned that the corpse in the trunk - the remains of 28 year-old MelissaJames, which was soon confirmed by DNA analysis. Melissa wasassistant Titus and Ryan (wife is very actively engaged in the business) and lived with them. The police suspects that Craig was with Melissa novel. The morning of 23 December, the police managed to find the fugitives in Massachusetts, near Boston. Kelly was in the salon and pedicure, Craig was waiting for her outside in the car. Both very tired look, you can assume that they have long done without sleep. Well, we will monitor developments ...

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